“The right well drilling location… The first time.”

Groundwaterfinder from Midwest Irrigation and Electric

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Property Owners

Save time, money and frustration. Make an intelligent choice for your well location. Pick the most convenient and most productive area to drill. Be confident knowing you chose the most efficient depth and yield.

Well Drillers

Be the hero to your customers, saving them time, money and frustration. Accurately drill for the best location and yield.


Before you buy or sell, know the resource potential of a property.

Take the guesswork out of well drilling. Know your best options before you start drilling.

Groundwater Finder is a division of Midwest Irrigation and Electric. We specialize in cutting edge seismo-electric technology that determines the depth, yield (flow rate) and thickness (where the water begins and ends) of your available groundwater.

Or simply, we use technology to find water before you spend a lot of time and money drilling for water.

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