Success Stories

Groundwaterfinder from Midwest Irrigation and Electric



We had a customer interested in purchasing a new pivot irrigation system for his farm, and as part of that process, he needed to find water. He knew of a neighbor that was able to “witch” for water and asked him to search his property.


The “water witcher” marked an area where water was indicated, then a well driller was called. The well driller assured our customer that there was water in high enough quantity to run an irrigator. In this case we only needed 500 GPM.


The well was drilled, a test pump was attempted, and it started out OK, about 600 GPM, then the water volume started to drop, 500, 400, finally stabilizing at 250 GPM. Not enough for an irrigator.


We were asked what should be done. Our response was, find the best spot to drill for water! We had just finished our training, so we completed our survey on this 180 acres of farm land.


We were able to confirm that yes there was water where the first well was drilled, but not enough. We also found two other sites that showed much more potential for water.


A well was drilled at the better of the two sites, and there was not only enough water for one field, but enough for two! Our estimation was that the aquifer would be 176′ deep and conservative estimate of 400 GPM. The finished well was 180′ deep and capable of 1500 GPM or more!


What our data also showed was that if we moved over 100′ on either side of where the well was drilled, the potential for water was drastically reduced! So we were not only able to find water, but to find the best spot for a quality well.

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